«Such magical names of cities, small towns, villages, rivers, hills and mountains that for the general public does not mean anything, except perhaps a further severe pronounced name somewhere far away in a distant country. Names, such as, Hargeisa, Huambo, Sukhumi, Cuito Cuanevale, Cabul, Kigali, Buchanan, Kindu, Khost, The Sleeping Dog Mountain, Elephant Pass, Gorongosa, Jamba, and many others. Names where civil wars have been settled long before capitals were seized, regimes ousted and power re-conquered. Names that for strangers mean steamy jungle, inaccessible swamps, steep mountain paths, riddled cities, mass graves, or swirling sand. Places that a few outsiders have dared to set foot in, and those who made it know who they are. Arms dealers, armies, guerrillas, mercenaries and perhaps some freelance journalist, ready to forget danger and fear for a moment of fame. With a notebook and camera ready. And the thought that this must be the best story yet…»


Peter Strandberg | Cascais, Portugal | 2006